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Episode 10: many beautiful things!

Knitting podcast episode 10! I show many beautiful things! A lot of yarn and bags I bought at the Breidagen for example. A beautiful book by IngThings called Lov-ing wool. And much more! Shownotes/ links to shops and people I mention, can be found at my Ravelry Group page.

Want to see more about my Etsy shop? Please take a look at my latest Etsy vlog!

Have fun, happy knitting! Don’t forget to treat yourself with some yarn, or with something beautiful out of my shop 🙂

Etsy vlog 2: April 5th 2016

The second vlog about my Etsy shop! Telling about shop updates. There are 100% cotton baby hats and I have made a pacifier clip. The black and white garland in the back is also one of my new knitted items. I also talk about my collaboration with yarn and fabric shop Cross and Woods Crafting Parlour; if you are in The Hague, please come and visit them!